Global shipping, local insight

Moving cargo between its origin and destination without it entering the country where the buyer is operating can help to dramatically reduce costs and delivery times. The Go Freight cross-trade division, coupled with our 226 worldwide partners, can offer exceptional insight and support with the management of this, often complex, logistics solution. Our knowledge and experience ensure the smooth transit of your shipments from A to C without the need to pass B


With the rapid growth of international trade, cross-trade logistics have increased in demand. More and more companies have established themselves to operate as intermediates in the sale of products between companies in different countries. However, the complexity of operations in this type of international trade can make the support of a trusted global logistics an essential tool. We understand that selecting the right long-term partner for your cross-trade logistics management is an important decision, you need to be able to rely us to ensure the smooth running of your day-to-day business.

Triangular Operations

Triangular Operations

Go Freight has specialized in cross-trade logistics, also known as “triangular operations”. Go Freight arrange cross-trade shipments point-to-point, not just in the major locations, but in some of the most obscure locations in the world. We offer full guidance and management throughout the entire process, ensuring local rules at origin and destination are planned for prior to dispatching your shipment. Our team will be with you throughout the process allowing you to fully benefit from the cost and time savings this solution can offer, without having to worry about its management complexities

Complex logistics decisions guidance

Our vast experience enables us to guide you through complex decisions to optimize your timescale and budget whilst consulting on regulations and special shipping requirements.

Total logistics review

By reviewing your supply chain management we can ensure you are utilizing the most cost-effective methods for your shipments through multiple freight options.

Pricing reviews

We are constantly tracking options to ensure customers get the most cost-effective solutions. If you suspect your current forwarder has become complacent, let us review your prices.

Good practice advice

Worried about a customs inspection? GoFreight can offer advice on customs rules and regulations and ensure you are 100% compliant.

Product level costing

By covering every aspect of your shipments journey, we can ensure there are no hidden costs enabling you to calculate precise unit costs, dependent on varying order quantities.

Current logistic procedure analysis

By understanding your total logistical requirements, the GoFreight team may be able to suggest procedures to follow to ensure you are not overpaying on your duties and taxes.

Assistance with SOPs

If your business needs specific services or instructions, our bespoke software installs tailor-made SOPs (standard operating procedures) to each of your shipments for all staff to follow.

Staff responsibility awareness

All GoFreight staff have been trained to the very highest standards, our focus is always on delivering the very highest level of service to our valued customers.